WhiteHat SEO vs Black Hat SEO: What is the difference?

What are the most effective ways to approach site optimization? While there are many tactics, strategies to optimize the SEO, here are the distinctions you need to know about White hat vs. black hat SEO.

           Black Hat SEO

               White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO mainly relies on the SEO tactics and strategies that emphasizes on search engines

White Hat SEO focuses on a human audience and follows search engines rules and policies

It relies on manipulative tactics and is for those looking for quick financial return on their website.

White Hat SEO enhances search performance on SERP besides upholding the integrity of the website.

It exploits spam keywords, and focuses on exploiting loopholes in Google’s algorithm to improve rankings.

It follows all the proper ways to optimize a site, and follow research, craft titles, Meta tags, which Google has laid out

 Black Hat SEO relies on irrelevant back links.

White Hat SEO gets links because of quality content and improved page load time.

It exchanges links for the ranking.

It consists of natural links.

Black Hat SEO is Unethical SEO.

White Hat SEO is the Ethical SEO.

It focuses on short term goals and quick wins.

It takes a long-term approach

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