How to Identify Black Hat SEO Techniques

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a term referred to the unethical SEO methods for improving website’s search engine rankings. While White hat SEO deals with the ethical techniques approved and recommended by search engines,

Black Hat SEO contrasts with it in all ways, and opt for a quick surge of traffic which might get you into trouble.

How to identify Black Hat SEO methods?

Black Hat SEO methods don’t work in long term. Here are the tips to avoid Black Hat SEO by the companies who are offering the SEO services.

1.      Be cautious of the companies that are offering unusual and over-the-top promises, as remember that you cannot  buy your way to the top with paid links at once. That indeed is a big No.

2.      Look for companies that are reputed in SEO, as well as legitimate and have some real clients and testimonials.

3.      Ensure your website navigation is transparent, and it shouldn’t have any doorway or cloaked pages or hidden texts with keywords stuffing.

4.      Review your traffic reports, remember that high PR backlinks from non-relevant sites can make your site marked spam.

5.      Article spinning like copying posts published on other websites will earn you nothing. Remember that Google penalizes duplicate or copied content, or you might even face legal action from the content owners.

6.      Blog Content Spam is also the method of Black Hat SEO. Website owners will mark your links as spam and ban you from posting. Avoid commenting on articles to get the backlinks to your site.

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