How and when to submit your website to Search Engines - For Beginners

The best way to get the organic traffic to your website is getting indexed on Google and other search engines. But we understand your concern on How and when to submit your website to Search Engines? Here are the steps to follow depending on the search engine be it Google or Yahoo or Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Why Submit Your Website to Search Engines?

Search Engines doesn’t depend on the manual submissions, and thus their bots crawl the web to find websites to index. As long as your website is linked on the webpage, search engines can find them on their own, and your webpage gets indexed.

Now, let’s learn the Ways To Submit Your Site to Search Engines

Submitting your website to search engines helps you get access to various tools that can help improve your website, and get crawled again to be indexed. All you need is able to access and edit your website besides having Backend access which will be an added benefit in cases of your

  • Website not having sitemap
  • Website requires robot.txt file.
  • Not implemented Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools

Initially set up the Search Console and verify website ownership before submitting the website to Google.

How to verify domain ownership using DNS records

To verify the domain ownership of your website, copy the DNS TXT record and add it to your domain name provider. This is the recommended method as you can leave the DNS record and it will not be adding up any extra code.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Setting up Bing Webmaster Tools is simpler, when you already have Search Console setup ready. All you need to do is import your sites by clicking Import Search Console settings into Bing.

How to Submit My Website to Google?

Submitting your site to Google is very easy. Just add your sitemap to Google Search Console.

1.      Locate Your XML Sitemap by going to

2.      Add Your Sitemap to Google Search Console by selecting sitemaps under Index after opening Google Search Console

3.      Add all your multiple sitemaps by repeating similar process.

How to submit a page URL to Google?

Go to URL inspection in Search Console and paste the Page URL you want to index, you’ll get a message ‘URL is on Google’. However, you’ll notice a message ‘URL is not on Google’ if the page isn’t indexed. Then click Request Indexing to index those page changes.

How to Check If Your Page Is on Google?

Search your web address on Google to see if your site has been successfully submitted and indexed. You can also copy lines of your content and try searching on the Google page, it will show results from the domain you’ve entered.

How to submit My Website to Yahoo?

Submitting your website to Bing will automatically show up in Yahoo as well. So, in the next section let’s learn how to submit URL to Bing.

How to submit My Website to Bing?

Go to Bing Webmaster Tools and set up your site. Go to ‘Sitemaps’ from the menu, and then, paste in your sitemap URL and hit Submit. Click Submit XML sitemaps in Bing Webmaster Tools.

How to submit My Website to DuckDuckGo?

You don’t have to submit your website manually to the search engine, as DuckDuckGo automatically indexes the web. In reality, DuckDuckGo chooses 400 sources and Bing’s search results as well as Yahoo.

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