5 Top Best Video Marketing Trends to follow in 2023

Video Marketing still remains one of the major priorities in content marketing and digital marketing strategies, and it still continues its trend in 2023. Let’s learn about the 5 Top Best Video Marketing Trends to follow in 2023, right from AR/VR to live streaming to vlogs, stories and so on.

1. Social media stories

Short, time-limited videos of running sequences in the form of social media stories are highly engaging. They can easily create an impact on viewers creating a more personal touch with to-the-point videos.

Social media stories helps interacting with viewers in multiple ways be it via questions feature, add polls, Q&A sessions. These are the best ways to market your products or services or get the feedback from the audience.

2. User-generated video

Marketers are focussing on UGC (User-generated content) videos of your brand, product, or service. These videos are created by your customers, other businesses, social media influencers, and even your own employees. They are published on social media or other online channels, such as posts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and more and ultimately brands can use these collected User-generated videos for advertisements and marketing materials.

3. AR and VR video content

AR and VR video content which has been here for a while, is finally getting its attention in the video marketing mainstream. Brands use this AR and VR video content for creating an efficient virtual experience for their customers. AR and VR may not ever replace the in-person experience, but they’re certainly here to stay as a key tactic for video marketers.

4. Vlogs

Vlogs or video blogs are one of the best ways for brand storytelling by engaging your audiences. The content creator is positioned as the the main character, telling the story of topics, events, and experiences helping out the users in understanding and clearing their concerns. Most of the influencers have perfected the vlogs marketing and getting more engagement over time.

5. Live Streams

For the past two years during COVID pandemic, Live videos have emerged as effective way for brands to connect to their customers. The live streams has transformed completely and it will be much more effective if you integrated live streaming into your video marketing strategy be it influencers promoting products or music artistes opting for virtual concerts and Broadway companies going for full-length productions.

These 5 Top Best Video Marketing Trends are here to stay for longer than the year 2023, as video marketing has become the future of marketing. With several of such Video marketing strategies available, choose the perfect one to execute your marketing campaign to sail smoothly.

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