Top SEO Tips - 5 Ways to increase Organic Search Traffic

Organic traffic refers to the traffic that was earned from search engines like Google or Bing that exclude paid ads. Organic search results include the list of web pages and are centered on the search terms users have typed.

Higher rank pages of Google will automatically increase organic traffic to your websites. On the other hand, paid search advertising is otherwise referred to as SEM.

Here are Top 5 Simple Tips to increase Organic Search Traffic

1.      Keyword Research: Figure out the organic keywords to attract free traffic through SEO. Including these keywords in the content help you boost your site’s traffic. Google uses keywords as an important SEO ranking factor, so it is the key to find out what users are typing into Google to find you.

2.      Title tags: How To Write Perfect SEO Tag to Rank High? Include the keywords in natural and attractive way, yet make your title unique. One important aspect is make sure all pages on your website have a title tag.

3.     High Quality Content: Content is the key for SEO ranking factor. Users look for accurate, relevant and trust-worthy content rather than the paid results. Improve your content that look for the right search queries.

4.      Organic links: What are organic links and how to get them? Natural links are those links that are obtained from a web page to another web page without a specific link building between two sites. Organic links from relevant high-authority domains can increase your website’s overall traffic and rankings.

5.      User Experience: Users love to visit hurdle-free and responsive sites, as it will most definitely make it easier for your viewers to experience your site. Consider Mobile-friendliness as well for keeping your visitors on site for more time.

Post Author - Harsha (SEO)


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