What is Video marketing and how to promote videos?

Video marketing is defined as the practice of research, plan, create, edit, publish and promote videos as a part of their marketing campaign for their products, services, brands or businesses to increase engagement on your digital and social channels. Videos are multi-sensory experience and

are emotionally engaging, as the video content seen is more engaging than what they read.

Marketers use platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Vimeo and Instagram. Find out the ideal length of the video basing upon the platform. Quickstartz recommends you about

Instagram: 30 seconds

Twitter: 45 seconds

Facebook: 1 minute

YouTube: 2 minutes

6 Best ways to promote videos Content

1. Youtube

Let’s learn The Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing in 2022 here step by step

a.       Create a Youtube channel with your business name

b.      Focus on your target audiences

c.       Research your competitors and learning from them.

d.      Optimize your videos to get views

e.       Upload and schedule your videos

f.       optimizing your channel by playing by your goals

g.      Youtube Advertising

h.      Track your YouTube analytics

2. Other Social Networks

Focus on all the famous social media to Publish your video content.

Some Top social networks where videos marketing is popular:

Facebook Watch

Instagram IGTV



Google My Business.

3. Influencer Marketers

Influencer Marketers are the best way to endorse your product or brand, or to reach audiences, as they have far vaster than your own following. You can pay these influences via cash or other incentives for promoting your brand or products. Find your influencers organically and Leverage Influencers to Create Engaging Content.

4. Stories on Social Media

Instagram stories in recent times and now on Facebook and LinkedIn, we can also publish stories. Promoting your videos on stories, can increase the number of views and perhaps open up new opportunities for growth. Add top hashtags to your stories, to promote the content.

5. Increase Boosted publications

Increase the boosted publications pace or invest a little budget to boost your videos. Business manager accomplished boosted posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, Google Ads offers, Linkedin, Pinterest.

6. Add Videos to your blog article content.

Adding videos to the articles on your business blog helps in reducing the bounce rate of the site as well as increase the number of views. Push the article with the video transcript., as it adds content to your professional blog with a URL address with your domain name which strengthens the authority of your channel on YouTube. Adding Videos to your blog article content not only attracts natural audiences but also help the SEO of that page with the textual content and your video.

Post Author - Rakhi (Youtube Specialist)


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