What is Off Page SEO? And a look at best off-page SEO practices

Off-Page SEO optimization is all about improving your website position in SERP by getting the backlinks from the authorized sites as well as promoting your company’s brand awareness through social media and other platforms.

Off-page SEO also called "off-site SEO," includes link building, social media, and local SEO among other things. Getting your webpage in the first few spots in the SERPs via reviews/testimonials from reputable sources is more potential.

Off Page SEO Benefits

  • Increased Ranking
  • Increased PageRank
  • Brand Awareness
  • Greater exposure

Take a look at best off-page SEO practices

1.      Social Media: social media engagement is the effective way to make your business, website or blog popular and to get more back links. Top Social Networking Sites includes linkedin, facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, snapchat, reddit, tumblr and more.

2.      Guest Post Blogging: The most effective link building tactics is through Guest posting by submitting content to someone else's website.

3.      Digital PR: Promotes your business and positions you as competitive leader in the industry.

4.      Reaching out Influencers: Influencer Outreach gets link backs from their blog, but ensure to get the links from completely relevant domains.

5.      Social Bookmarking Sites: Gain high traffic to your webpage or blog will help promote your website.

6.      Building Useful Tools: Other off-page SEO practices are to build useful interactive tools to get people to your site via calculators, quizzes, or even interactive maps or infographics. 

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