9 Ever-Best Linux Lightweight Distros for your Old Computers

One from us think of just pushing out our very old PC/Computers which taught us from ages and now they are old to hardly handle any latest distro's or hardware configuration. But Quickstartz here brings few Linux distros which can help to revive your old age computer and make it work all the way.

Here we bring up the best Linux distributions which make you to think to use old PC and work on it once again. Here we update about the distributions for tooo. These below mentioned Light-weight Linux distro's will help you :-

1. Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux will support for 32-bit systems which can booted with either USB/CD. 

This will use Openbox Window, JWM Manager by default and comes in with basic apps.

2. antiX Linux :-

antiX Linux is based on Debian Linux will support for 32-bit systems which can be downloaded and can ben installed whenever internet is available. This will use icewm window manager and its ISO file size is about 700 MB.

System Requirements :-

RAM Size - 256 MB of RAM

Disk Space - 5 GB of drive space

CPU - PIII systems

3. LXLE Linux :-

This Linux distribution popularly known us LTS version of Lubuntu and Support for 32-bit systems.LXLE desktop environment gives an intuitive UI and applications come in default.

System Requirements :-

Disk Space - 8 GB

CPU - Pentium 3  or recommended Pentium 4

RAM - 512 MB or if it is 1 GB it will be much comfortable

4. Linux Lite :-

Linux Lite in its name itself it gives hint it OS is lite weight and it Support for 32-bit systems. Linux Lite is a light-weight Linux distro where a beginner can easily work on it as comes in with Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) along with long list of essential applications. 

System Requirements :-

Disk Space - 8 GB

CPU - 1Ghz processor

RAM - 768 MB RAM or if it is 1 GB it will be much comfortable

Display - VGA screen 1024×768 resolution

5. Q4OS Linux :-

Q4OS is also an Debian-based distribution which Support for 32-bit systems and comes with better user interface. 

System Requirements :-

Storage Space - Plasma Desktop- 5 GB or Trinity Desktop it is 3 GB

CPU - Plasma Desktop- 1 GHz or Trinity Desktop it is 300 MHz

RAM - Plasma Desktop - 1GB Trinity Desktop- 128 MB

6. Zorin OS Lite :-

It is also based on Ubuntu, Support for 32-bit systems and comes up with a lite edition along with Xfce desktop environment. Zorin OS will be best fit for a moderate computer. 

Systerm Requirement :-

Disk Space - 8 GB

CPU - 700 MHz Single Core

RAM - 512 MB

7. Xubuntu Linux :-

Ubuntu officially source of taste to be in Xubuntu and Support for 32-bit systems which comes up with Xfce desktop. Anyone can easily find it to install or use it with any sought of trouble.

System Requirement :-

Processor - AMD Athlon/ Pentium Pro

RAM - 512 MB or if it is 1 GB it will be much comfortable

8. Bodhi Linux :-

Bodhi Linux distribution comes with Moksh Desktop version and supports Support for 32-bit system. Even an low-end hardware will support Bodhi Linux as its IOS file size is down than 1 GB.

System Requirements :-

Disk Space - 5 GB

RAM - 256 MB

CPU - 1.0 GHz

9. Tiny Core Linux :-

Tiny Core Linux distribution is lightweight distro which comes in with a fundamental core of an OS and it includes filesystem and kernel

System Requirements :-

CPU - i486DX

RAM -  64 MB / recommended 128 MB 


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