7 Best Strategies for promoting YOUTUBE channel in 2022

YouTube marketing strategy aids in promoting your business as well as your YouTube channel, which is a great platform to promote and share your content and ideas in video format. With easy-to-use features and user-friendly interface, it is definitely the strong digital marketing channel.

Here are the 7 Best Strategies to optimize your YouTube marketing strategy in 2022.

1. Niche-based YouTube Channel Name

Research and find a unique name for your brand and channel, be it a person’s first and last name or describing the channel’s

overall topic. The resolution of your channel is to make users grow their followers and make money as Video influencers.

2. Find your Target Audiences

Understand your Target audiences and find their preferences. The best way is to go to the analytics page of your channel to find your audiences and identify the overall insight into your channel. You can also get the data of your audiences’ gender, age and location. Also use your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin to understand more of your audiences’ preferences.

3. Conduct Competitor Analysis

Consider your competitors for research analysis as to learn the content, be it their subscribers count, average views per video, topics covered, frequency per posting, video promotions, people’s comments/suggestions. Find the layout of these SWOT-Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats.

1.      Follow You Tube Algorithms and Focus on Advanced updates

     Research the trends and algorithms, types of videos and quality, etc to learn more

advanced things and changing algorithms, besides the video tricks and effects. This will help you improvise your video-making skills and make you keep up with the trends.

2.      Create A Catchy YouTube Title

Create a catchy title for YouTube for getting more views. The titles can make or break your video marketing. Let your YouTube title be short yet informative. The titles should answer viewers question. The content should be worthy of their time. Add Search suggestions to your YouTube video title and it should describe the content attractively. Try using the word “video” in your YouTube titles.

3.      Post Consistent videos with Fixed Time Schedule

Have a particular time schedule and post the videos consistently with fixed time schedule as it’s more beneficial in the initial days keeping you on track and motivated. Do not delay uploading videos for more than a week, as your subscribers might lose their interest. Set your publishing time for videos basing on your time zone and your target audiences.

4.      Analyze your YouTube Channel performance

Track your YouTube channel for measuring the performance by monthly count of your Subscribers, Views, View duration, Top videos, Watch time, Impressions, Click-through rate (CTR). Try using Google Analytics to track YouTube traffic on your channel and to your website, as it helps you learn more on how visitors find your channel and how few videos earn in achieving your marketing goals.

Post Author - Rakhi (Youtube Specialist)


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