Beginner’s To-Follow Guidelines for Website Mobile-Optimization

Read on the Beginner’s Guidelines to Website Mobile-Optimization to cover the categories of Page Load Time, Image Optimization, Page Design and User Experience to understand Why Is Mobile Optimization Important?

The best SEO technique for mobile optimization is to work from the starting point of your website design. But you can also make your old website mobile-friendly by upgrading the existing site. Go to Google’s page speed tool to find your website’s current PageSpeed Insights scores. Boost the speed of your website pages by following the suggestions Google gives out.

Why Mobile Website Optimization important?

Mobile optimization is important for delivering the best User experience, as the customer satisfaction will ensure a good impression of your brand. Increasing your brand value is equally essential as it makes a positive opinion on users.

Optimizing your website for mobile, not only benefits to rank high on Google page but also makes it easily-accessible to users.

Strategies for mobile website optimization

1.      Opt for the right theme, where Responsive design shifts its layout based on the screen size while Adaptive design varies centred on the screen size.

2.      Keep your website forms short and not lengthy.

3.      Add search function on your mobile website to make it less complicated for users.

4.      Image Optimization can have a big impact on loading time.

5.      Make your text short but communicative.

6.      Speed up your site by simplifying design and avoiding needless images and elements.

7.      Optimize the menu to make user navigation easier.

8.      Avoid Mobile popups

9.      Use accelerated mobile pages for faster loading.

10.  Make your customer experience information easy to access for a good product experience.

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