3 Basic Types of SEO Content you should know

Let’s learn what are different types of SEO Content that Marketers focus on in today’s world. We’ve made it simpler for you by categorizing into 3 Basic Types of SEO content

1.      Evergreen Content

Over the years, this has been the top-level content being focussed. It has educational or informational aspects and helps you focus particularly on your typical audiences.

2.      Contemporary Content

Contemporary Content focuses on fresh and newsy content. While it remains short-lived in terms of relevancy, yet it provides the needed value to your users. Hot topics and fresh content works well in case of the Contemporary Content.

3.      Topical Content

Topical content particularly emphasizes on the precise ideas and subjects mattered to niche industry. The content works great for link building since you’re concentrating your content with people who search for similar topics of discussion.

How to plan your content type strategy?

Include several types of on-page and off-page content in your strategy. How to drive traffic; build links and gain authority or trust? Have specific set of goals to make your content type strategy simpler. Here are some types of content that works for all categories.

·        Blog Content

·        Short-Form Content

·        Long-Form Content

·        How-to Guides

·        List Content

·        Video Content

·        Visual Infographics

·        Questions and Answers

·        Case Studies

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