Best ways to Reduce Bounce rate in Google Analytics & Boost Website Conversions

Let’s learn about Bounce Rate in Google Analytics? Bounce Rate is considered as key for any successful blog/website, as it relies on the percentage of visitors who visit your site yet leave the blog without seeing other pages on the site. For better understanding, your site’s bounce rate should as low as possible, as it impacts the the overall conversions rate as well as the Search Engine Rankings indirectly.

Top ways to improve bounce rate in Google Analytics on Site

Here are the seven ways to improve the bounce rate in Google Analytics

1. Boost up the Page Load Time

Slow loading time of your blog will leave a bad experience among users, and is one of the top bounce rate issues. It might further decline the rankings in the search engine result pages. Keep the page load time 3 seconds, for best experience.

2. Engaging Content

Improve your content with attractive font, spaces, subheadings, and conclusion. Incorporating images and easily understandable content increase readability. There is a Yoast pluginin Wordpress best result.

3. Discard Popups.

Annoying popups only disrupt the reading and experience of your visitors. If unavoidable, keep only relevant popups that your visitors find useful to relevant popups. Always look for ways to enhance better user experience.

4. Build CTA(Compelling Call to Action)

Build the compelling CTA on the landing page, as blogs lacking proper call to action button increases the less conversion rate and higher bounce rate issues. Try converting the visitors into buyers by placing the call to action button on the site.

5. Mobile-friendly site

Get good ROI with attractive and powerful content. Also opt for responsive design and mobile-friendly site with regular publishing and apt content to build the trust amongst the users. This will increase your return customers.

6. Targeted Keywords

Optimizing your content with target keywords will drive high-value traffic. Search term keywords which meant people usually use during searches will drive a lot of audiences, and the apt content can make your visitors share with others. The best trick for Targeted Keywords is to analyze the queries in Google Analytics and add them to content.

7. Apt Meta Descriptions for Search Users

Users will see for the meta description before clicking on the web pages among your search engine result pages. So, it is always important to lower bounce rate through effective meta description for a high click-through rate. Go to Acquisition>Search Console> Queries in Google Analytics landing pages to enhance click-through rates.

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