Best 8 eCommerce SEO Tips to Help You Sell More Daily

eCommerce SEO is related to the best practices of gaining the visibility of your online store in web crawler results pages (SERPS). Get more organic traffic for your online store in search engines like Google with the help of E-Commerce SEO.

For eCommerce SEO, you are required to have a strong online presence increasing growth, sales and customer acquisition for eCommerce stores. Here are the right SEO strategies to optimize your eCommerce site to the fullest extent possible

1.      Ensure your eCommerce site has Mobile-Friendly label in Google testing tool.

2.      Boost up your homepage and category pages, by deciding on the Google page whether to you want Google to index the paginated URLs.

3.      Let your products have unique and apt description, although they’re of similar products. Variation in product description avoids duplicate content errors and achieves higher rankings.

4.      Optimize with easy-to-use navigation menu, to make it simpler for users moving from one page to other pages. It is vital for mobile users who shop online more on smartphones than pc’s.

5.      Check the markup for the products using the Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool to ensure it is okay and won’t make you penalized.

6.      Improve proper product schema markups.

7.      Ensure all the password-protected fragments of your site works faultlessly.

8.      Keyword research is the foundation of every ecommerce SEO, to optimize your product and category pages with right list of keywords to make an impact on your technical SEO too.

Post Author - Harsha (SEO)


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