These 9 Best Essential WordPress Plugins Needed for Every Website

In the world of Internet we might come insight of many plugins and tools for our website or blog hosted in wordpress or blogspot. Quickstartz here brings few better result oriented Wordpress Plugins and Tools which leads

to bring a big success for your website/blog.  Below mentioned Wordpress Plugins will show an over-all performance and efficiency of your Website/Blog. 

Once check-out these plugins to get better use of them and get succeeded in online growth.

Here are Result Oriented Must-Have WordPress Plugins And Tools :-

With the below Plugins and tools, admin of Wordpress site can easily boost up their productivity and efficiency with slight work of selective keywords and phrases. 

1. Yoast SEO :-

As itself suggests that this Wordpress Plugin will help Website to have a strong position in Search Engines. Yoast SEO will help in all the way traffic generation and better ranking of Website/blog in search engines. Yoast SEO plugin works with XML sitemap, readability, better SEO feature help in optimizing website/blog content. This plugin is rated top in all of Wordpress plugin.

2. VaultPress :-

VaultPress plugin in Wordpress comes with both online content security and backup which is biggest help for website admins. As noted, VaultPress plugin is active all the time to take real-time back-up and stores all your website data in exact sequence order. VaultPress plugin backs up the fresh copy and incorporates it in the next snapshot manifest file. 

As the names suggests, Vaultpress immediately alerts on any identified unsafe files on Website with an auto-generated e-mail to the administrator.

3. Akismet :-

One of the most popular Wordpress Plugin is Akismet which keeps out all spam comments at the shore. This plugin immediately reacts to any spam comments with abusive language in the content which are predefined. Akismet automatically filters the spam comments and ensures that they do not appear in the comment section.
4. WordFence Security :-

WordFence Security WordPress plugins is an important plugn which shouldn't be missed by website/blog admins. This plugin will be observing all the vulnerabilities online and keep an alert. WordFence Security keeps updating you about traffic trends and hacks attempts made to the website/blog.

As itself describes as Fence means it is designed to scan malware, login security, firewall protecting and other threats. WordFence Security also provides real-time tracking including robots, 404 errors et al..

5. Google Analytics :-

Google Analytics comes with neat, and user-friendly interface with these features it stood as basic must-have wordpress plugin. This Plugin will cleanly describes about your audience preference, behaviour and what they are looking for. Google Analytics tracks real-time visitor on website/blog and more viewed content. 

6. WPForms :-

This Wordpress plugin will give your website/blog an contact form and helps to build a progressive form as per your requirements. Clients or audience will use of contact form which is created by WPForms. This plugin comes with few pre-designed form template from which you can choose from and most WPForms plugin is responsive on all devices like Desktop, Tablets, Laptops and Mobiles.

7. Imagify :-

Website/Blog loading time make a right impact on ranking factors while working on SEO for which Imagify helps admins to optimize images to make the website load faster. Imagify plugin will compress Images by reducing the size of an image without compromising its quality. Optimizing and Compressing Images will increase your rankings and improve page speed.

As to narrate Imagify is a Image Compression and Optimization WordPress Plugin which directly works with media library of Wordpress.

8. WP Rocket :-

WordPress site speed will show an direct impact on search engine rankings aside of SEO which increases bounce rate to skies. WP Rocket plugin is a beast of a plugin that loads your site at Rocket Speeds. In reality, WP Rocket plugin will help users who are viewing your content of a page which is earlier opened at their browser and same isn't showed but it showcases live content from the database. WP Rocket WordPress plugin supports CDN and also improves site speed by caching your pages, minifying and gzipping your files.

9. OptinMonster :-

OptinMonster WordPress plugin tool makes  your website visitors into customers and subscribers. As its name suggests it creates optin forms which showcases to your visitors and increase growth of your website/blog. OptinMonster plugin comes with drag and drop option and can name it as a user-friendly interface which also feature geo-location targeting.

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