Linux Essential Basic Commands Every User Should Know

Linux is termed to be most secure and has market share of nearly 3% on Desktops whereas cloud infrastructure and hosting services are using this free open source operating system and who works on it should be familiar with basic and most commonly used commands of Linux all the way.  

As all known that Linux is free and open-source, has better security which boasts a powerful command line that makes developers and power users more effective. In general, Linux command is a program or utility that runs on the command line. here gives complete popular Linux commands list which can be an advantage and more useful to Newcomer to Linux or Sysadmin. Check out below for quick reference of mostly used Linux commands.

lsLists the content of a directory
aliasDefine or display aliases
unaliasRemove alias definitions
pwdPrints the working directory
cdChanges directory
cpCopies files and directories
rmRemove files and directories
mvMoves (renames) files and directories
mkdirCreates directories
manDisplays manual page of other commands
touchCreates empty files
chmodChanges file permissions
./Runs an executable
exitExits the current shell session
sudoExecutes commands as superuser
shutdownShutdowns your machine
htopDisplays processes and resources information
unzipExtracts compressed ZIP files
aptyumpacmanPackage managers
echoDisplays lines of text
catPrints file contents
psReports shell processes status
killTerminates programs
pingTests network connectivity
vimEfficient text editing
historyShows a list of previous commands
passwdChanges user password
whichReturns the full binary path of a program
shredOverwrites a file to hide its contents
lessInspects files interactively
tailDisplays last lines of a file
headDisplays first lines of a file
grepPrints lines that match patterns
whoamiOutputs username
whatisShows single-line descriptions
wcWord count files
unameDisplays OS information
neofetchDisplays OS and hardware information
findSearches for files that follow a pattern
wgetRetrieves files from the internet
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