Learn Everything about Mobile SEO and How-To Optimize Mobile-Friendly SEO

Mobile SEO is optimizing your website for mobile devices as well as tablets. It makes your site resources accessed by search engine spiders and allows your site function accurately on mobile browsers.

Let’s learn why is Mobile Search Engine Optimization important!

With people spending more times on mobiles and tablets rather than Pc’s or laptops, Google reports that “mobile conversion rates are 47% of the levels achieved on desktop.”

Google is now using mobile-first indexing, which indicates that it mainly considers mobile version content for indexing and ranking. Site design, site structure, page speed, and on-page mobile SEO practices are mainly important for mobile search engine optimization.

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Tips to improve Mobile SEO

Check the mobile-friendly test, and ensure you run the Google’s testing tools for every page of your website. Also visit the URL you want to analyse. Right click the page, select “inspect” from the menu>> click >> symbol, followed by “Lighthouse” option. Tick the parameters you’d like to check. Finally, click on “Generate Report” for the analysed report. Try to get 100% on all tests.  

Choose Responsive Design on your website to improve mobile SEO as all pages share the same content for both the mobile version and desktop version.

Focus on Mobile Site Speed, which is a ranking factor for Google Search. For obile search engine optimization, LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) and FID (First Input Delay) are important.

On Page Optimization which includes focusing on Target keywords like Meta Title, Meta Description, URL, H1 Tag, H2-H6 Tags, Body Content, Images, Internal Links, Navigation Menu.

Avoid Interstitials or Pop-Ups as it only causes a poorer experience to users, and thus mobile search results may not rank as highly.

Enhance Mobile legibility to make content more legible and easier to read on a mobile screen.

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