How to measure Website Traffic and Analyse SEO using Web Analytics

Website Traffic is the data regarding users who visit your site while Web analytics is the tool that measure the web traffic on your online business websites. It can also be used as marketing tool, an e-commerce tracker as well as an ad tool.

1. Opt for Analytics Software

SEO Experts opt for the right web analytics tool to keep the intended website under the scanner. This works by signing up for a web analytics account obtained by familiar analytics services provider. For starters, Google Analytics is easily the king of free website traffic analysis, to build a complete picture of users choices besides connecting key insights to traffic results.

2. Track Website Conversion Rate Metrics

The simplest way to measure conversion rates for a Web page is the number of visits divided by the total value created. Some of metrics to Improve Conversions are Page views, Mobile and desktop visitors, page timings, traffic acquisition, bounce rate, time on sites.

3. Get Users to Target Page

SEO experts knows the significance of the target pages, and thus puts emphasis on these through the visitor response and tracking these with some suitable tools for understanding the visits and traffic on the target pages.

4. Site Search Analytics

Site search analytics helps you in letting you understand the visitors who are looking for your products and services. The search box in your website used for the internal search helps website visitors search the website for information or products while you can garner important insights into user intent. You’ll also have to set up site search tracking in Google Analytics.

And lastly, the key aspects of the web analytics is to figure out the flow of visitors and the precise navigation they choose to visit the website. An internet marketing company sets-up several defined analytics, which can be equipped with adword accounts for achieving the site analytics and user navigation path

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